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Bookreen Space

"Covid Compliant" mobile based software solution. Secure your workspace by 1.5 USD/month per person!

Customize your workspace experience with assigned desks, desk booking, and meeting room scheduling software. Book desks in advance or ad hoc to support planned or spontaneous work. Find and book desks and rooms on floor maps or nearby where you are.


  • Cleaning

  • Maintanance

  • Catering

Booking Room

Booking Desk

Visitor Management

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Bookreen Space


Touchless pass: Sensor based check-in&out technology, Instant catering, parking allocation assigned or hot.


*Can be subscribed after getting "Bookreen Space"

Bookreen Space+ is convenient for the companies which are sick of old fashioned RFID cards, Turnstile Access Systems. Mobile and beacon sensor integration at the gateways. Easy to implement, Covid-Compliant.

Touchless Pass

Instant Room Catering

Parking Management

Please ask for pricing. number of gates, number of team would change the price however it will be less than Bookreen Space! We promise

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Bookreen Space

Bookreen Space



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