Smart Reception

Get a complete overview of today’s meetings in the meeting rooms. The reception displays can provide both visitors and employees with useful meeting information and guide them to their meeting room.

Overview of all activities on reception displays. So, your visitors can get detailed information about ongoing meetings and available rooms.

Check the entire process from the moment the guests enter the door!

The visitor management system will provide you with a complete overview of visitors that are coming to building. Send reminder and welcome message to your guests yet arriving in the building.

Visitor management can be automated for reception including host notifications, visitor registration and pre-reservations of visitors. In addition, your visitors can easily buy a ticket or entry card with their QR code.

So, you could have more time for

other business to spend!

Enrich your workspace

Would you like to experience the happiness of out other customers as well?

You can try it free with 15-day trial.


Wayfinding Application

Create informational points within your office. This way, you can direct your visitors to meeting rooms much more easily and interactively.

Manage floor sketch via way-finding application. Share working rooms in detail for all floors and corridors. Provide full and empty rooms.


With the Bookreen mobile app, you can easily book your reservations at any point!

Create your own user account. Then you enter the office with this account and you can handle all your transactions very quickly and happily.


Mobile Applic

Make sure that you don't miss the meeting!

Be informed of the latest status of the meeting with incoming notifications. Update instantly in case of any changes or cancellations.

All you have to do is use your QR code.

Complete all your booking operation without wasting time by integrated devices with bookeen mobile app. Quick check-in and registration, time or location changes, routing, discovery of appropriate workspaces,catering services etc.

You got to the meeting area early and have time to be evaluated?

Discover the closest social areas with Bookreen! Spend your time in a fun way with cafes, restaurants, social areas and facilities for a short break.

Show how much you love the environment by staying away from printed materials with the Bookreen mobile app!

You can create an order before the meeting time and decide which service time you want.



You get vendor service with a single touch during your meetings or personal study.

You can accommodate your guests in the best way without damaging the meeting flow with the orders you will give more quickly and easily.


The technical check of the room is done regularly and the problems are eliminated.

Any technical glitch support with a single touch!

Get support from the professional team for all your technical problems and needs. Request tickets through screens and contact with  the team in the fastest way.



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