Return to Offices

Adapt your workspace

to the new normals!

Covid-19 changed the way we work forever. New ways of working are required for how your employees interact with your workplace and return your employees safely back to the office. Our workplace management software provides an easy-to-use solution that allows employees to plan tables, find colleagues, and be informed about changes in their work environment.


It will be challenging for all organizations that are returning back to their offices. However, the benefits of a technology-focused solution for businesses and employees are broader than you might think.


Control the density of your workspace

Control your workspace and its capacity

Effective and sterilized workspace

Trace nearby workspace


Returning to your Offices

Shared areas can be difficult to program in a busy office. Designed specifically for this use, Bookreen is ideal for meeting rooms, conference rooms, company resources and presentation spaces. With Bookreen, you can ensure that areas are reserved fairly, privacy and accountability are maintained for every user, and double bookings never happen!


Let's Manage your Desks!

By reducing the number of available tables and the capacity of meeting rooms, you can easily adjust your current workspace to the effective social distance. You can set this up in a few simple steps.

Less Desk

Easily remove desk areas from the system as needed to create more distance and space. Allow employees to reserve work areas in advance to ensure social distance, cleanliness and communication tracing.


Employees can book workspaces on the web or mobile. They can search for a suitable area and reserve this area for a few days. And they can easily inform their colleagues about the days they will work from home.

Manage Classified Office Spaces

Classified-private offices can be reserved for employees when additional space is required or allocated to a particular person in the system.

We can build your workplace together

We respect the hard work you do, that is why we want to lighten your workload.

Be one of our happy customers!



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