Booking Display

You can increase the productivity by following the workflow with the products you will position as the meeting Booking Display.

Strengthen your corporate image via branding, logo and color applications.


Make the meeting status can observe from outside through LED technology. At the same time with the attention of the LED lights to improve the design of your office.

Multi Touch

LED Bars

Depending on the availability of the room, the LED lights of the screens change color. In case of prolongation of your work, it is understood from the outside that the room is not available, or if the meeting ends early, the room is opened.

*** Now with 10" and 15" inches options!

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Room Control


Room Control Display is a powerful asset to communicate information to your guests and colleague. Furthermore, Room Control Display is an efficient and functional tool to modernize the overall look and feel of your property. 

You get vendor service with a single touch during your meetings or personal study.

You can check all functions in the room from the touch screen and create help requests for technical problems and also get catering service for your guests. 




Create interactive information points in workspaces with industrial 10.1"displays.

Check-in Display is a completely customizable multi-touch solution that meets all users’ expectations, from customers and guests, to senior executives and students.

Device Control

Technical Support


With Check-in Display, you can share a wide range of information and visual resources on horizontal screen surfaces, generating interaction.

Check-in Display offers you QR reader, card reader and barcode reader.

It is manufactured from glass that is reinforced by chemical processes and is resistant to very high piercing. Provides additional protection against physical impact during use. It has the infrastructure that can work seamlessly with Windows and Android platforms. You can start using any point without any technical knowledge. 


Card Reader

New Visitor

Desk Booking


Outdoor table-booking solutions are outdated without our Desk Booking Display.

Making reservations through any platform is only part of the booking process. Now with the our Desk Booking Display, it's easy to control the experience of booking, placing, securing, detecting and booking a table.


Gracefully designed from head to toe, this elegant technology looks just like a work of art. It fits perfectly with any furniture and environment.

Desk Dividers

Desk Surfaces


Status LED Lights (256 Color)

3.5" LCD Screen

This Panel PC is designed to be mounted on any floor or glass desktop without any damage or permanent marking on the surface. The USB power cables are specially designed to be tamper-proof to prevent damage to the device.




Promote your corporate with such detail and excellent visibility.

Draw visitors attention and deliver messages more effectively with stunning visibility. Our Guidance Display features 2.500 nits brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio for impeccant visibility. There is no blackening defect free in direct sunlight.

Powerful Performance for Current Creation, Scheduling and Deployment Tools.

Readable Screens in any Environment with Anti-Glare Technology.

Long-life Industrial Displays that can be activated at any time.




Present Clear Messaging with a Slim and Aesthetic Design.


Long-life Industrial Displays that can be activated at any time.



Designed for use indoor and spaces, Wayfinding Display boast a silent and safe work architecture thanks to their total fan-free structure. Wayfinding Display which can work 24/7 and provide you with a clear reading experience even under direct sunlight, are High Definition Digital Signage units.

Wayfinding Display offers quality services and allow for visitor management, virtual welcoming, surveys, product/service catalogs and videos, bookings, online procedures, as well as self-service functions!

Known for their safe hardware, flexible software, as well as easy planning and managing features, Wayfinding Display also make a visual difference with their aesthetical look!






Bookreen sensory creates official workspaces for you!

The sensors determine the number of empty seats and help you see the number of participants.

When you do not want to be disturbed, you can work more efficiently by taking the necessary actions. With Bookreen Sensory you can keep the doors locked during the meeting and prevent you from being disturbed.

For more details please download Bookreen Brochure!



   Space Package

   Talk Package 

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