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We started to use the offices alternately. So how do we track space and resource usage? Bookreen Smart Solutions offers safe and rational solutions for both your business and your employees.

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Managing the worlds biggest brands workspace.

We help over100 of big brands get back to the office.

What We offer?

Use workplaces more effectively! Take control of all shared places and related services


workplace management


Digitalize space usage by our connected booking solutions. Manage the hybrid Life with ease and measure the use to optimize!


workplace experience


The teams enjoy the hybrid life with clear guidance of hybrid life and Covid compliant workspace


workplace analytıcs

Save costs with reliable usage analytics. Re-Design the work-life with data

Back to Office Benefits

For Employees

Increase Productivity for the Employee

With Bookreen mobile application, you can create secure workspaces for your employees, away from confusion, that they can reserve and share with their teammates without losing time!


For Businesses

Reduce Costs with the Right Moves

You can keep track of office density and create safe workspaces. You can also control the use of resources. You can determine your administrative strategy by following all the actions of your employees.


Bookreen Space

  • Book Meeting Room

    The workplace is changed by further emphasis on distant work that leads to changing office configuration models caused by factors such as increasing the quality of the employees' work life balance and the increase in real estate costs.

  • Book Desk (Hot Desk)

    You can book a desk for a couple of hours, for a whole day or for several days. You can search for suitable desks at the desired office, floor or area. 

  • Visitor Management

    The visitor management system will provide you with a complete overview of visitors that are coming to building. And you can get all information and direct them for any needs.

  • Automized Service Providers

    Bookreen offers you more than just workspace solutions! Smart applications with you with special applications for all your technical needs, service requests, parking lot and all other details.

Our Integrations

Connecting Your Ecosystem Through Flawless Integrations

Bookreen's solutions integrate w,th your existing calendering apps, as well as emerging technologies like sensors. This makes it easy for employees to use while giving business leaders the insights they need to plan ahead.


Bookreen Space

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• Get Instant records of access for employees​

• Automatic check in & out for any place needed

• Integrate with ERP* to get your reports​

• Control Utilization of spaces effectively​

• Measureactive working times ​

• Manage small teams, subcontractors.​

• Control service provider’s actions easily.​



• Make instant orders to the kitchen during meeting by mobile app

• Manage TV and other monitors

• Control and schedule the air condition

• Manage Video Conference tools

• Schedule the Lights

• Ensure the Wifi is active and working


• Manage parking slots as “shared” or “assigned”

• Control and schedule the use of visitors according

to the demand

• Seamless integration with the room or desk booking

• Finish the trouble of sharing parking slots by measuring exact demand

• Get advanced sensor integration for instant utilization status*

* Extra Costs would arise

Use analytical toolsets to create custom reports

and understand workplace usage trends, giving you

actionable insights to make better strategic decisions.

Get the insights and understand the benefits of your actions!

Report & Analytics

•  Capacity Overview

•  Usage by Space & Zone

•  Efficiency by Capacity

•  Abondance

•  Recapture

•  Peak Usage*

•  Extract Data


* On the Road Map


Screens & Interacts

Enhance the Interaction with “Bookreen Talks!” concept. Bookreen Software supports many brands of Screens with its compatible screen Apps. Choose your screen and go! Bookreen also has its own dedicated screens with proven success of running projects

  • Discover Bookreen Talks so that you can follow your workflow at every point!

    You can create end-to-end smart workspaces with devices that you can position at any point in your offices. With Bookreen Talks, you can get the services you request with a single touch during your meetings or personal work.

  • Why a Desk Booking App is Essential In this New Pro

    • Unisign

    • Samsung

    • Philips

    • Q-bic



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